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From the Fife AC website.

Results by category for those that finished 4 out of 5 races, spread over the Summer from Strathkinness to St Andrews to Tarvit to Newburgh and finally Balmullo.

Another great series of trail races in Fife. Well done to everyone that took part!

Jane Dunlop FS Dundee Road Runners 785
Yvonne Dehn FS Anster Haddies 773
Fiona Cruickshanks FS Anster Haddies 740
Fiona Gibson FS Dundee Hawkhill Harriers 713

Susanne Lumsden FV40 Falkland Trail Runners 767

Margaret Martin FV50 Fife AC 755

Innes Bracegirdle FV60 Fife AC 764
Jocelyn Scott FV60 Fife AC 721
Sue Whisler FV60 Fife AC 694
Ruth Toller FV60 Dundee Road Runners 658

Ben Hukins MS Leven Las Vegas 800
Finlay Finlay MS Garscube Harriers 781
Ross Coron MS St Andrews University 768
Bryan McLaren MS Leven Las Vegas 696
Rapid Dickie MS Dundee Road Runners 690
Mark Talbot MS STAART 562

Craig Morris MU20 Fife AC 761
Colin McKie MU20 Anster Haddies 740

Rick Booth MV40 Fife AC 742
Grant Whytock MV40 Dundee Road Runners 627
Gary Ovenstone MV40 STAART 602
Derek Adamson MV40 Fife AC 529

Brian Cruickshank MV50 Falkland Trail Runners 753
John Mill MV50 Dundee Road Runners 737
Gary Barker MV50 Fife AC 709
Jas Baillie MV50 Anster Haddies 647
Brian R Smith MV50 Fife AC 631
John McIntosh MV50 Dundee Road Runners 586
Robert Armstrong MV50 Fife AC 582
Andrew Donaldson MV50 STAART 570
Alan Vigrow MV50 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers 538
Bob Thornton MV50 Fife AC 528

David Norrie MV60 Fife AC 648
Tom Scott MV60 Fife AC 643
Allen Marr MV60 Anster Haddies 642
Stewart Davidson MV60 Fife AC 534
Graham Bennison MV60 Fife AC 516

Steve Cromar MV70 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers 561
Alastair Robertson MV70 Fife AC 505

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