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Club AGM 2014

The 2014 club AGM will take place on February 18th at 7.30pm in the Carnegie room of the Dundee University Students' Union. All previous, current and prospective members are welcome.

Please come along to have your say on the future of the club. We will be looking for new members of the committee, so if you are interested, please speak to one of the current members. We will also have membership forms for the following year, so please bring your pennies to sign up!

2014 AGM

Thank you to everyone who came along for our AGM on Feb 18th. It was a successful meeting, with a good turnout, and we already have 41 members signed up for next year!

Goodbye to our leaving committee members; Kirsty Gibson, Michelle Cooper, Jennifer Massie, Sarah Winter and Gerrarde Browne. All have done a lot for the club over their time on the committee, and we thank them for their contributions.

The new committee was elected, and details of the new team are availablehere. We are your elected committee and here to represent the members, so if you want to raise any issues, please speak to us.

Minutes from the AGM are availablehere for those who couldn't make the meeting.

Spring Handicap 2014

Thanks to all 26 runners who took part in this year's Spring Handicap, we hope you all enjoyed it. The aim of the handicap is to have everyone complete the 4.4 mile course in exactly 46 mins. Unfortunately, the first three runners back took a wrong turn which cut out part of the course. A special congratulations to our winners - Rosie Doull and Matty Low - who both finished in fast times. That's your handicap slashed for next time! Results were:

Pos/Name/H'Cap Time/(Actual Time)

Elaine Shemilt 31:58 (25:58)
Alison McIntosh 32:28 (27:28)
Barbara Brown 34:05 (32:05)

1. Rosie Doull 44:06 (29:36) 1st Female & 1st newcomer
2. Gillian Sangster 44:30 (28:00)
3. Matty Low 44:38 (28:38) 1st Male
4. Jacqui McCulloch 45:15 (39:00)
Ken Peters 45:32 (38:32)
6. Bill Smith 45:46 (30:46)
7. Mark Thomson 45:53 (29:53)
8. Steven Dick 46:00 (30:00) 
9. Portia Brown 46:11 (33:41)
10. Tricia Smith 46:16 (37:16)
11. Mark Norris 46:18 (27:18) Fastest runner
12. Garry Timmons 46:22 (32:22)
13. Sarah MacPherson 46:29 (38:29)
14. Erwin Saligumba 46:33 (37:03)
15. Lorraine Dunbar 46:44 (36:59)
16. Jane Dunlop 46:50 (33:35)
17. Gail Rattray 47:05 (37:05)
18. Hilary Brown 47:11 (40:41)
19. Debbie Smith 47:15 (38:15)
20. Brett La Hay 47:21 (35:21)
21. Margaret Mackie 48:19 (42:19)
22. John McIntosh 48:46 (36:31)
23. Karen Gillies 50:12 (45:12)

Thanks again to all those who ran and all feedback was greatly appreciated. A special thanks to John Mill for all his hard work on working out handicaps. Please comment if you notice any errors in the results.

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