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Grand Prix 2019

The marvellous and eco-friendly Ceres 8 took place last Thursday, and DRR had a fantastic and enthusiastic contingent through to run what is a challenging but very picturesque 8 mile route. There were a number of prize winners from the club, as well as a fair number of PBs on the night. Well done everyone!

Hot on the heels of Ceres, we have the next Grand Prix event on Sunday 8 September with the Stirling 10k. This is a great race, with a very broad range of runners. It's the chance for us mere mortals to rub shoulders with the fastest in Scotland (admittedly perhaps only for a few metres!), and is always a very popular day. In recent years the club has had a huge number of members take part, and this year looks likely to be no different.

Aside from the scale of the race, it is one of the flattest and fastest in Scotland, and so great potential for a PB. The race starts in Stirling itself, heads along some very wide roads into the countryside (giving you a glaimpse of the Wallace Monument) and back in, with great crowd support both at the start/finish and as you run through Stirling streets.

If you haven't already entered, there is still time, here is the link to the Central Athletics page with more info Stirling 10k

It genuinely is a fabulous race, certainly one of my favourites, and we look forward to another great DRR day out.

Dundee DRAM & Half DRAM/Ceres 8

Yesterday saw an amazing group of DRRs take part in the Dundee DRAM and Half DRAM. There were fantastic runs from everyone, too many to mention individually. It was also great to see so many DRRs out marshalling and cheering the runners on, and it created a great atmosphere for the race. Well done everyone, a great advert for the Club and for running in Dundee generally.

If anyone would be interested in putting together a race report, please feel free to do so, and we can share it around the Club. Just send it to me if you like (Michael).

The next Grand Prix race is Ceres 8. A great race, although the word undulating comes to mind. The race is on Tuesday 13 August and there are still a number of places available through Entry Central.

We hope to see lots of you on the night, DRR members account for just under a third of the field as we speak, let's make it another marvellous blue and white night!

2019 Grand Prix

The club's Grand Prix consists of a number of races, chosen by the committee to provide a range of terrains and distances, and races which we know to be good, well organised, fun events. For each race in which you run, you are awarded points, gaining more points for positioning better in the race results. The main aim of the Grand Prix is to help get lots of DRRs out to the same events together, to have fun and get a bit of friendly intra-club competition.

There are prizes for the top 3 Male and Female finishers over the series and there will a momento for everyone who manages to complete the challenge.

The 2019 Grand Prix consists of 10 races. Of which, you must either complete 6 races, or you can complete 5 and one marathon of your choice.   Good luck everyone.

February 17th, Sunday - Devilla Forest 5k & 15k
March 9th, Saturday - Cupar 5 Mile race
April 7th, Sunday - Tay Ten
May 18th - Monifieth 10k
June 14th, Friday - Whitetops Hill Race
July 7th, Sunday - Dundee Half Marathon
August 13th, Tuesday - Ceres 8
September 8th, Sunday - Stirling 10k
September 29th, Sunday - East Neuk 10k
October 6th, Sunday - Giffordstown 5k


Twin Peaks Race 2019

Twin Peaks Results: Well done to the 33 runners who completed this year’s Twin Peaks Race, a lovely evening for a run up a couple of wee hills! The winning team with a combined time of 56:29 was Chris Sevier-Guy and  Matt Buck. First home was Robbie Dunlop in 25:32 and first female home was Jennifer Massie in 30:41 Looking at Strava the majority ran around 3.5 miles

Full results:

  Name Time        
1 Robbie Dunlop 00:25:32        
2 Marcus O'Sheradain 00:28:03        
3 Matt Buck 00:28:12        
4 Chris Sevier-Guy 00:28:17        
5 Scott James 00:29:32        
6 Dominic Williams 00:30:12        
7 Duncan Edward 00:30:35        
8 Jennifer Massie 00:30:41        
9 David Rodley 00:30:53        
10 John McIntosh 00:31:05        
11 Craig Beattie 00:31:23        
12 Martin Hutchinson 00:31:36        
13 Fiona Callaghan 00:31:49        
14 Elaine Omand 00:32:20        
15 Fíona Canavan 00:32:32        
16 Harry Kay 00:32:48        
17 Martin Rollo 00:32:48        
18 Stewart Spain 00:34:35        
19 Adam Hart 00:36:03        
20 Jackie Heilbronn 00:36:20        
21 John Rudd 00:37:23        
22 Grant Whytock 00:40:48        
23 Daniel Fields 00:43:23        
24 Linda Craddock 00:47:31        
25 Jack Kelly-Barton 00:47:43        
26 Brenda Doig 00:47:48        
27 Alison Mudie 00:47:49        
28 Claire Thornton-Granville 00:48:00        
29 Linda O'Neil 00:48:47        
30 Mike Rennie 00:48:47        
31 Dianne MacInnes 00:48:50        
32 Ashley Thomson 00:49:07        
33 Barbara Brown 00:49:27        
Team Name Time Name Time Combined Time
1 Scott James 00:29:32 Linda Craddock 00:47:31 01:17:03  
2 Grant Whytock 00:40:48 David Rodley 00:30:53 01:11:41  
3 Chris Sevier-Guy 00:28:17 Matt Buck 00:28:12 00:56:29 1st
4 Robbie Dunlop 00:25:32 Ashley Thomson 00:49:07 01:14:39  
5 Alison Mudie 00:47:49 Martin Hutchinson 00:31:36 01:19:25  
6 Fíona Canavan 00:32:32 Daniel Fields 00:43:23 01:15:55  
7 Claire Thornton-Granville 00:48:00 John Rudd 00:37:23 01:25:23  
8 Brenda Doig 00:47:48 Marcus O'Sheradain 00:28:03 01:15:51  
9 Barbara Brown 00:49:27 Fiona Callaghan 00:31:49 01:21:16  
10 Stewart Spain 00:34:35 Jackie Heilbronn 00:36:20 01:10:55  
11 Dominic Williams 00:30:12 Adam Hart 00:36:03 01:06:15  
12 Martin Rollo 00:32:48 Harry Kay 00:32:48 01:05:36 3rd
13 Dianne MacInnes 00:48:50 Elaine Omand 00:32:20 01:21:10  
14 Mike Rennie 00:48:47 Linda O'Neil 00:48:47 01:37:34  
15 Jack Kelly-Barton 00:47:43 Duncan Edward 00:30:35 01:18:18  
16 Jennifer Massie 00:30:41 John McIntosh 00:31:05 01:01:46 2nd
  Craig Beattie 00:31:23        

Midsummer Long Run & Picnic in the Park - Saturday 22 June

For those who haven't looked at the Club Facebook page today (and why not I ask?) Lynne has added a reminder of the legs for next Saturday's Midsummer Long Run and a note of those who have replied so far to say which legs they are thinking of doing. To help with the organisation of the day, could we ask everyone intending to go to this popular event to add your plans to Lynne's post.

The Club will be providing sandwiches and other nibbles, but could you bring some goodies to share round.

Family & friends are more than welcome to attend this fun day - and may the weather gods be good to us!

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