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Templeton Trail Race Results


Thank you to everyone who helped to make the 2016 Templeton Trail race another success. It was held on a beautiful sunny night, with a great turnout. Well done to all our runners; we really hope you enjoyed it. Results are available here. Our next club event is the Templeton 10 Mile Race on November 6th. It is open for entries now on entrycentral.

DRR John McInally Results - 10 May 2016


Dundee Road Runners John Mcinally


Well done to everyone who ran or helped this week at the John Mcinally Race.. it was a perfect night for it, lovely and sunny, and we had a huge turnout! We have resurrected the John Mcinally Trophy this year, which was won jointly by Jane Dunlop and Matty Low. They'll get to share it for 6 months each.

Full results below:



Time Runner   Comment
1 41.22 Matty Low   Male Champion
2 41.38 Richard Grieve    
3 42.40 Lee O'Connor   M40 Winner
4 42.45 Derrick Anderson    
5 44.20 John Mill   M50 Winner
6 44.39 Scott James    
7 45.07 Grant Whytock    
8 45.24 Vinnie Stewart    
9 45.53 Duncan Edward    
10 45.56 Mike Murdoch G  
11 46.03 Peter Derrick    
12 46.33 Jane Dunlop   Female Champion
13 46.56 Alasdair Chisholm    
14 47.17 Paul Reed    
15 48.00 David Dunleavy G  
16 48.20 Mark Reid    
17 49.12 Kate McIntosh     
18 49.44 John McIntosh    
19 49.55 Calvin Burns G  
20 50.24 Brett La Hay    
21 52.04 Gill Westwater   F40 Winner
22 52.10 Lorraine Dunbar   F50 Winner
23 54.00 Mark Stewart    
24 54.32 Gill Hanlon   F60 Winner
25 54.43 Sarah Colston    
26 55.22 Gail Rattray    
27 57.07 Sofia Sita    
28 57.07 Louise Stewart    
29 60.11 Hilary Brown    
30 60.12 Elaine Shemilt    
31 60.54 Lisa Macrae    
32 63.31 Brian Dunbar   M60 Winner

Templeton 10 Race Entries

The Templeton 10 Mile race will be held on November 6th this year, and entries open Sunday May 8th at 8pm on Entrycentral.


We had a sell out race last year, so get your entry in early to avoid missing out. More details here.

Club Drinks May 6th

We're having a social evening on May 6th. Nothing too formal. We have booked the back section of Laings from 7pm for food. Come along around 7.30 if you're just coming for drinks. It will be a good opportunity to share stories from all the events people have been doing recently. It would be great to see lots of you there!

New Website

Welcome to our new club website!

We hope it will be more accessible for everyone and should have all the news and information you need.

Going forward, we will be putting all training information on the website instead of everything going onto the facebook page, but we will remind you through facebook too. We don't want anyone to miss out!

There are bound to be some teething issues, so if you notice anything that needs sorting over the next couple of weeks, please let me know.


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