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Nightmare Race Glenrothes - John Mill

Nightmare Race - Coul Den 2015 - John Mill

This was the penultimate race in this year’s 6 race series, and was new-ish venue for us, the trails to the north of Glenrothes, starting at Could Den. The Nightmare series require a spirit of adventure, it’s dark, often undulating and often muddy and a decent headtorch is essential.

There were 4 of us who went through to this race, Elaine, Steve, Matty Low and myself, and we were part of a 36 strong field on a nice clear evening. The course was about half a mile, gradual incline on good firm trail to a marshal (thanks Brian Cruickshanks) who then directed us round a loop twice, then the same route back to the finish, this time on a downhill trail that led to a fast finish.

The starting whisper said “go” and we were off, I immediately went near to the front, not quite sure of my tactics, but decided to tuck in behind the normal winner Chris Russell. He tends to start off conservatively and then work his way through the leaders. Ian McNulty from the Hawks took the early lead with Steve and Jeremy Kibble close on his heels, then it was Chris with me tucked in behind. The good trails led to quite a fast pace for a Nightmare Race, and with those 4 in front of me, the path ahead was lit up!

Jeremy Kibble then decided to take things on as Ian McNulty began to fade, Steve went with Jeremy, but I stayed with me plan of tucking in behind Chris. Once we got into the “loop” that we would do twice, Chris decided it was time to kick on, and he moved on up through the field and took the lead, whereas I couldn’t quite keep with him and although I overtook Ian, that was it, the race soon continued in a familiar order, Chris, Steve, Jeremy then myself. I almost came a cropper on a “sleeping policeman” on a small section of road that we had to endure, but balance and momentum was soon restored.

Before we knew it, we were back at the marshal point again for the last time and I had ½ mile to try and catch Jeremy, but it was in vain. We did pass Matty who had retired from the race nursing a sore leg, but I finished in 4th just a couple of seconds behind Jeremy, which I was please with. Steve ran a great run to come 2nd. Elaine soon followed us in, in 7th overall, and leading lady.

It’s all to play for in the final race on the 28 March. Steve and myself are still in the battle for 2nd overall whilst Elaine lies 2nd in the ladies series, now rue-ing that one missed race at Black Rock!

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