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Smokies 10 Mile Race - Gillian Sangster

Smokies 10 Mile Race 2015 - Gillian Sangster

I love the Smokies 10; living in Carnoustie, its my local race and I’ve done it a few times. I think the fact that it’s a ladies only race makes its special and the course is lovely (in a hilly kind of way). The marshals are so friendly and the food afterwards is great – you can pile a lot of sandwiches and cake on one plate !

I was really nervous for this race – I always want to do well and I always want to do better than the year before – but I wasn’t sure I could better last year’s time. I was also hoping I could get into the top 5 – but only depending on who was there. So – no pressure….my hands were actually shaking when I was eating my toast in the morning !!

I felt much better, though when I met up with everyone – although everyone seemed to have injuries or niggles or sniffles or hangovers or something - I had a cough and sore buttocks !!! However, the weather was good – nice and sunny, cool and not too windy.

There was a big crowd and as usual we started off on the road beside the cricket pitch. I took off from the hooter like a bat out of hell and was kept company by Jillian Gordon from Kinross for the first couple of miles out to Arbirlot – it turns out it was actually quite windy so we swapped places a few times and got a little bit of shelter from the wind.

I felt really strong up the hills for the next couple of miles – its all down to the Monday night hill runs I think and managed to pull out a bit of a gap. I was still in complete shock though as I got to about 7 miles and realised that I might actually win. I started to get overly excited, but also very knackered. I stuck in though and kept going as fast as I could to the finish.

(following the lead car with the flashing light was awesome !!)

Elaine and Jennifer were next to finish in really fast times. And we had a very good strong turn out of DRR runners – I was really impressed.


We also got the 1st team prize – the last time was 23 years ago !! and so I went home happy, with flowers and lots of wine. Its not all about the wine of course - honest 

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