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Glencoe (Mamores) Half Marathon Race Report

Glencoe (Mamores) Half Marathon Sunday 8 September 2019 Race Report

Well, what can I say except that this was an absolutely amazing event. I’ll apologise now for the length of this report, but it was so much fun.

The initial thinking was to run the full marathon, but an injury in May and a general feeling that that was beyond me meant that I decided to try the Half. Even then, I have been fairly nervous about doing this, as I haven’t run a lot of hills and trails in the past. I might grind to a halt on those elevations!

Travelling up the night before, the weather in Fort William was fabulous, and today promised to be a great day for running. Although today was slightly more cloudy and cooler, that made for perfect running conditions.


The Half starts in Kinlochleven, and the start seemed very organised. We met Sarah Petrie before the start, which was a nice surprise and before we knew it the officials called the runners together, starting in waves 5 minutes apart. I went in the second wave.

We had the slightly unusual experience of cheering some runners through the start before we set off - the Half start is the halfway point of the full marathon, with both sets of runners then following the same route. 4 or 5 marathon runners went past before the Half started, the full having set off 2 hours earlier.

The route starts fairly flat until turning off onto track and up a steep route. The second km had an elevation of 140m (329m over the first 6km) but after that it undulated for most of the central section until a fabulous downhill at the end (222m over the last 5km).

The route follows a chunk of the West Highland Way, it was mixed terrain although many sections were slightly stony so you had to keep your wits about you. I saw quite a few people at the end with scrapes and grazes from tripping, thankfully I survived without a fall.

It follows the south west of the Mamores Mountains, until descending into Glen Nevis.


There were lots of walkers on the route, which I thought might be problematic but quite the contrary. Most of them were conscious of the runners, made way, held gates and best of all shouted encouragement which was really nice.

There was a food station around the halfway mark, which was very well stocked with drinks, food, sweets, etc. How they got all that stuff up there is anyone’s guess. It even had port and cheese which I had forgotten about! Just as well, a port with 8k to run may not have had a good outcome!

I had the strange experience at that point of bumping into a neighbour who was walking WHW with her family.

Being my first race of this nature, I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was lovely not to feel the pressure of pace like you often do in a road race, and whilst I didn’t necessarily hold back, I wasn’t concerned at walking the most hilly bits, taking some photos, and I had a couple of short chats with other runners which was nice.

I had no idea how I would fare in this race, and so had got into my head, based upon training runs, that I would be 2:30 or so. Add to that the fact that I have had a cold this week, I was far from confident beforehand, and indeed more nervous than I would normally be.

Ironically, a break from running this week seems to have meant that my legs were fairly fresh. Once the first, hilly 10k was over, I realised that my time prediction was a pessimistic one, and that I would be a bit below that, which gave me a real boost. Official time still awaited, but it’s likely to be around 2:07/08, which I was delighted with.

The finish is at Glen Nevis Visitor Centre under the shadow of Ben Nevis. The finish area was really good, with food & drink available, some stalls, massage & you could even get a pint (tempting!).


Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this race. The organisation was in the main really good, and the whole event felt very friendly. The scenery was fabulous, although admittedly the weather has a huge impact on the experience. Whilst the elevation scared me beforehand, it really wasn’t too difficult, and certainly manageable for most.

You never know, you might be reading my Glencoe Marathon report in a year’s time.

Michael Royden


Grand Prix - East Neuk 10k 29 September 2019

The race for this year's Grand Prix continues. After a fantastic DRR turnout at Stirling 10k on Sunday, and some amazing performances, the next race is another 10k, this time the East Neuk 10k in Anstruther. There are currently 47 spaces still available, so if any of you haven't entered yet, there is still a chance to do so.

This is a fantastic local race run by the Anster Haddies, with food, teas & coffees after the race. Alternatively there will be time to nip off afterwards for some famous Anstruther fish & chips!

For those who still wish to enter, you can do so here

Hash Run Thursday 19 September 2019

As Elaine mentioned in her recent Newsletter, the club will be holding a Hash Run (now on Thursday 19 September). Designed as a fun event, we hope that lots of you can make it along to the Run. Here are some details in order to give you an idea what it will involve:-

Aim of the run: For everyone to finish the course as close together as possible. The task of the speedy runners at the front is to figure out the route for the runners behind.

Shortest route: 6km (if you take no incorrect turns) Longest route: 12.3km (you've taken every wrong turn!)

Meeting point: car park on Links Rd North/near Foodmek in Tayport at 6.30

We will then jog 1km to the start with a view to starting as a group at 6.45

The run should take around 45minutes to complete.

Finding your way around the course:

The route will not be shown to you before you run.

You will be set off down a path. There are three choices at each junction: 1. No marking - just keep running straight! 2. One arrow - follow it! 3. Two arrows - this will give you choices. The runners at the front can choose which way to go, you can separate or stay together - it's up to you!

Once you've chosen your route you will either come to another arrow (congratulations you've gone the right way!) or a cross (X) (oops you've gone the wrong way). You do not need to all stay as a group, the idea is that the faster runners run ahead to work out the route.

If you have gone the correct way you must somehow get the message back to the runners behind you, either by running back or shouting back. Please ensure that the message regarding the right route is passed back to everyone so this is everyone's responsibility - leave no (wo)man behind!

If you've chosen the incorrect route then you must run back to the junction and choose another route.

Hint: a good way of making sure that everyone picks the right route is to scuff out the incorrect arrow at the junction so that only one remains.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there, and making it round the course as a true DRR team!

Grand Prix 2019

The marvellous and eco-friendly Ceres 8 took place last Thursday, and DRR had a fantastic and enthusiastic contingent through to run what is a challenging but very picturesque 8 mile route. There were a number of prize winners from the club, as well as a fair number of PBs on the night. Well done everyone!

Hot on the heels of Ceres, we have the next Grand Prix event on Sunday 8 September with the Stirling 10k. This is a great race, with a very broad range of runners. It's the chance for us mere mortals to rub shoulders with the fastest in Scotland (admittedly perhaps only for a few metres!), and is always a very popular day. In recent years the club has had a huge number of members take part, and this year looks likely to be no different.

Aside from the scale of the race, it is one of the flattest and fastest in Scotland, and so great potential for a PB. The race starts in Stirling itself, heads along some very wide roads into the countryside (giving you a glaimpse of the Wallace Monument) and back in, with great crowd support both at the start/finish and as you run through Stirling streets.

If you haven't already entered, there is still time, here is the link to the Central Athletics page with more info Stirling 10k

It genuinely is a fabulous race, certainly one of my favourites, and we look forward to another great DRR day out.

Dundee DRAM & Half DRAM/Ceres 8

Yesterday saw an amazing group of DRRs take part in the Dundee DRAM and Half DRAM. There were fantastic runs from everyone, too many to mention individually. It was also great to see so many DRRs out marshalling and cheering the runners on, and it created a great atmosphere for the race. Well done everyone, a great advert for the Club and for running in Dundee generally.

If anyone would be interested in putting together a race report, please feel free to do so, and we can share it around the Club. Just send it to me if you like (Michael).

The next Grand Prix race is Ceres 8. A great race, although the word undulating comes to mind. The race is on Tuesday 13 August and there are still a number of places available through Entry Central.

We hope to see lots of you on the night, DRR members account for just under a third of the field as we speak, let's make it another marvellous blue and white night!

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